He knew this day would come. That is why he was so hesitant in the start. His mind always worked on overdrive.

He could see every little possibility before it happened.

The slightest change in the tone of her voice or the way she looked at him, he could always guess what she wanted. That is possibly the reason why she liked him so much.

And when she persisted, he always refused to receprocate her feelings.

She wondered why, she even told him once, that you keep denying me and it’s affecting my self confidence.

His heart melted when she said that and he relented besides his reservations.

They went out and things were great. She was happy and so was he.

He loved taking care of her but he foresaw something.

It was her nature. She easily liked things and just as easily got bored of things.

He on the other hand liked to work on relationships even if the spark wore off.

She was young and when he started noticing the little changes in her behavior, the tone of her voice, the way she suddenly refused to even put her head on his shoulders, he understood she was losing interest.

He could see the future and he asked her straight if she was bored, but she denied it.

She should know that he can’t be lied too. He wanted her to be free even though he liked her and cared for her, the little fragile thing that she was, he wanted her to be free.

She was in Love. She was in Love with her ego. And he knew that there would never be any place for anyone in her heart until she let go of her ego.

And with a heavy heart, he left the country. He let her go. He found out that she did not care, and his doubts as always became a reality.

However he also knew that someday she would understand and grow up to be a strong woman.

Someday she would let her ego go so that she can make place for someone special. At least he hoped.


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