Best Mutual Funds to Invest in for the Year 2017

Basic investing is something that every person should be aware of. And while I don’t consider myself to be an expert on the matter, I have experienced a good return rate from mutual funds in the past (25,000 Rs profit).

My colleague, Tejasvi Lad, who happens to be a finance student and has worked for Angel Broking in the past was sitting idle yesterday, (she’s working here during her vacation until her college starts for her MBA programme) so I showed her how to create an infographic using Pikochart. This infographic tells us about the Best Mutual Funds to Invest in for the year 2017.

Note: This research has been done by Tejasvi, however, I advise you to do your own research before investing, as you know, market risks and all!

Best Mutual Funds 2017

All of these Mutual Funds can be purchased on a monthly basis (5000 Rs per month) via a SIP (Systematic Investment Plan). Just visit your bank and they will explain how you can go about doing it. It’s not as complex as it sounds.

I hope this helps!



3 Free Digital Marketing Training Videos to Up-skill Yourself

Free Digital Marketing Training Videos

Digital marketing is a vast field and requires continuous research and training. The need for digital literacy spans not only among marketers but also among business owners, entrepreneurs or anyone who is looking to achieve an online presence for themselves or others.

Fortunately, there are a number of resources available online which are paid as well as free that can help us learn some vital skills. To make things easy for my fellow learners, here are a 3 FREE Digital Marketing Training Video courses on YouTube that will help you in your career and probably even save you a lot of money 🙂

You may have noticed that 2 of these courses say 2016, however, I assure you that they are just as relevant today as they were the last year. So you have nothing to worry about 😀

1.) Complete Google AdWords Tutorial 2016: Go From Beginner To Advanced With This AdWords Course

This Adword course gives you an in-depth training of how to set up a google AdWords account, create campaigns, and optimize for search and display. Do note that there are many other free videos on YouTube however, I found Isaac Rudansky‘s training video to be perfect for beginners as it is structured and well explained.

2.) How To Use Facebook Ads For Beginners 2016 | Complete Facebook Ads Tutorial

This course teaches us how to create and manage Facebook Ad campaigns effectively and goes a step further by teaching you how to get people to engage with your content. Darrel Wilson trains you on 3 metrics: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversions. It’s simple and easy for beginners to understand how to use Facebook Ads Manager.

3.) The Complete beginners guide to Adobe Photoshop | Course overview & breakdown

Now although this is specifically not related to Digital Marketing, I honestly feel that being skilled in Graphic Designing will be of a great advantage to any marketer especially when designing Social Media campaigns.

TastyTuts teaches you in a step by step manner and the best part is that there are project folders that you can download and practice simultaneously with the tutor.

Do let me know if these tutorials were helpful to you and if you do know of any other resources that you would like to share, pleased mention it in the comments section below.

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Is pursuing further studies of any value at all?

Quality Education is important, it is a tool that can change lives, unfortunately not everyone is privileged enough to receive this gift.
Fortunately for me, my parents were able to send me to school and then see me through college as well and so I managed to  graduate with a double major in Psychology and Sociology. And believe me when you study psychology, you tend to see the world in a completely different way!

While I was in college, I always wondered whether if it would be worthwhile studying further, perhaps a post graduate degree of sorts.

A cynic at that time, I thought I had acquired enough knowledge a text book and a few professors could teach me and I didn’t want to endure myself with more text book/classroom trauma. 

I chose to work as opposed to studying and my corporate adventures began, leaving my question unanswered for nearly 4 years. During these 4 years of working at different organisations, occasionally I would hear stories about few friends and classmates who chose to study and were in various institutes  rather than working like me.

A part of me envied them that they could relax and just studying rather than face the pressure of working in the ‘real‘ world. I was convinced that my decision was the right one and pursuing further education would not teach me anything new that I could otherwise not learn from the world wide web.

It so happened that I got the opportunity of working for an educational institute called St Pauls Institute of Communication Education which specialises in Media studies. I was excited with this job offer because now finally I would get the answer to that question that has occasionally surfaced my mind during all those years of corporate slavery.

Is pursuing further education of any real value or is it a waste of money and time

And the answer to that question (to my surprise) is Yes, it does help.

Post graduate courses or not like that of just sitting in a classroom and learning something from a book, it’s much more than that. The institute is a hub of connections and contacts.

Coupled with theory and practical learning, it is also a gateway to build contacts and land internships in the right places at the right time.
Trust me, doing just graduation course and then trying to get into the field of your choice is equivalent to searching for the right kind of fish in the wrong pond! 

This is not the case if you chose to pursue further education from the right institute. So yes, it’s not just about earning a certificate, it is about learning in the right environment, from the right people and getting placed in the right company.