6 Awesome Email Marketing Tips

Emails are rated as one of the most powerful tools for marketers to achieve their business goals. An email can either make or break your companies impression with your customer.

Here are 6 tips to keep in mind that will drastically improve your email marketing campaigns. Follow these suggestions and Watch your Email Open Rates reach new levels

6 awesome email marketing tips infographic


Email subject lines get cut off if they’re too long. 40% of emails are accessed by mobile users, so it becomes even more imperative to keep email subject lines short and sweet

Best practice is to keep your subject lines under 50 characters and not more than that.

This ensures people scanning their devices read the entire subject line


People are more inclined to open emails from someone who they know rather than unknown senders.

Send your emails from a personal name rather than a company name

Sending emails from a personal name gives your company a face. Sending emails from a noreply@company.com address is a BIG No No.

3.) Personalize Badges

Use personalize badges in your emails subject lines to create a feeling of rapport with your customers

Research done by the science of email marketing showed
that emails that included the person’s name in the subject line had a higher click-through rate than those that do not.

If you cannot use the person’s name in the subject line then try using words like “You” or “Your”.

Remember: Customers Name in the Subject Line = Higher Click-through Ratio

4.) Segement Your Email Lists

Segmentation helps you give a personalized touch to your emails. Advantages of segmenting your email lists are:

  • Segmenting Email Lists Increases Relevance
  • Avoids being seen as SPAM
  • Helps you reward repeat customers

5.) Tell them what’s Inside

Be completely transparent in your subject lines about what the user will receive in the email.

If for example, you’re rewarding your reader an eBook via email, write a subject line like “Your eBook Inside” rather than “Thank You”. This will give the user clear instructions as to what his email content is about.


Sending an email at just the right time can vastly increase the open rate and click-through ratio.

For example, sending patients emails about prescription refills a week before their prescription ends can ensure that your email will be read.

These tips might seem simple however if implemented correctly, I promise you you will see positive results.

Do you have any tips that I missed out on this list? Do let me know in the comments section below and help the community out.


3 Free Digital Marketing Training Videos to Up-skill Yourself

Free Digital Marketing Training Videos

Digital marketing is a vast field and requires continuous research and training. The need for digital literacy spans not only among marketers but also among business owners, entrepreneurs or anyone who is looking to achieve an online presence for themselves or others.

Fortunately, there are a number of resources available online which are paid as well as free that can help us learn some vital skills. To make things easy for my fellow learners, here are a 3 FREE Digital Marketing Training Video courses on YouTube that will help you in your career and probably even save you a lot of money 🙂

You may have noticed that 2 of these courses say 2016, however, I assure you that they are just as relevant today as they were the last year. So you have nothing to worry about 😀

1.) Complete Google AdWords Tutorial 2016: Go From Beginner To Advanced With This AdWords Course

This Adword course gives you an in-depth training of how to set up a google AdWords account, create campaigns, and optimize for search and display. Do note that there are many other free videos on YouTube however, I found Isaac Rudansky‘s training video to be perfect for beginners as it is structured and well explained.

2.) How To Use Facebook Ads For Beginners 2016 | Complete Facebook Ads Tutorial

This course teaches us how to create and manage Facebook Ad campaigns effectively and goes a step further by teaching you how to get people to engage with your content. Darrel Wilson trains you on 3 metrics: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversions. It’s simple and easy for beginners to understand how to use Facebook Ads Manager.

3.) The Complete beginners guide to Adobe Photoshop | Course overview & breakdown

Now although this is specifically not related to Digital Marketing, I honestly feel that being skilled in Graphic Designing will be of a great advantage to any marketer especially when designing Social Media campaigns.

TastyTuts teaches you in a step by step manner and the best part is that there are project folders that you can download and practice simultaneously with the tutor.

Do let me know if these tutorials were helpful to you and if you do know of any other resources that you would like to share, pleased mention it in the comments section below.

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5 Simple Steps to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan


You have an amazing product, a talented graphics team and all the content required to get things rolling; but how do you go about creating a marketing campaign ?

That’s one question which can leave anyone dumbfounded. Sometimes you just need a little push and everything falls into place.

Here are 5 simple steps to create an awesome social media marketing plan, that will help your business connect with its audience:

1.) Define a Goal: A goal is a target that you set. It could be that you want more visitors on your website or more engagement on your social media pages or more branding. Understand what you want to achieve by the end of the campaign. Once you set a goal, things become much easier in terms of planning.

2.) List out your tools: Make a list of what platforms you can use for your campaign. Do you have a Facebook page ? Are you on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest ?

Understanding which areas you want to use for your promotions will further help you design content for those platforms.

For example, If you plan to use Instagram, you will need to get attractive pictures that stand out and look unique whereas if you’re using Twitter, promotions with limited characters and appropriate hashtags are important.

3.) Create a Content Calendar: A content calendar is a guideline of what type of content you’ll share each day for each platform. This calendar doesn’t need to be a strict schedule but it will surely help you when you have to manage multiple accounts for a long period of time.

For example, If  you’re promoting a digital marketing course, you could schedule each day for a different type of post. For example, Monday could be for course information, Tuesday’s could be for sharing a tip and so on.

4.) Employee Advocacy: The people who work for you can be one of your greatest assets in marketing your campaign. There are many tools online that you can use to help your employees share your content to their own personal social media groups.There are certain rules that make an employee advocacy program successful. You can read more about it here.

5.) Implementation: Once you have it all planned out, it’s finally the time to go ahead and get your strategy implemented. Keep a track to see what’s working for you and what’s not, and make changes accordingly.

Have you started your marketing campaign yet ? What worked for you ?
Do let me know in the comments below and share the love. Until next post, Ciao.

Online Marketing Questions Series 1 : Mobile Marketing

online-marketing 1

Online Marketing is a vast and diverse field with multiple topics; and while it might take you years to become an expert, here are some interview questions that may help you land job.

In this post, I’m going to cover a few mobile gaming marketing concepts in the form of questions and followed by the answers that I’ve prepared myself after doing a lot of research as well as from personal experience.

What are the types of in-game advertising? And which of them are best for earning revenue?

There are many different strategies to in-game advertising as technology improves. Some of the few types of in-game advertising are as follows:

Incentive Ads – These are the types of ads that when watched by the player during a game, would give them in-game incentives in the form of credits/weapons/abilities that the player could use to advance in the game. This type of ad is usually in the form of a video. This is one of the best ways for earning revenue as there is an improved CPM (Cost-per-thousand-impressions) since the players feel motivated to watch these ads which in turn also results in increased CTR (Clickthrough rate).

Ad Gating– These are the types of ads that appear during the game. The player is required to watch the ad in order to progress ahead in the game. This type of strategy surely increases CPM as the player gets a break while playing the game and also is required to watch the ad in order to progress.

Embedded Ads– Many big companies prefer to embed their ads in the game itself. This is a very good way of increasing brand recognition. One of the best examples for such ads can be found in EA games. In Fifa you can find the brand logos as sponsors on the field, within the game itself. SimCity plans to incorporate Unilever products in its gameplay so that players can interact with the products while playing. One example is of Dove Shampoo. The players would be able to use the shampoo in the game on their Sims. These types of ads increase the CTR drastically as many gamers can connect and identify with these brands as it doesn’t affect game play.

Static AdsStatic ads are ads that appear within the game in the form of a banner in the start or during the game itself. Many games within the app store and play store use static ads to advertise other games or products

From all of these types, Incentive ads is one of the best form of earning revenue as there is an higher CPM and induces a positive feeling among players, which in turn increases CTR and revenue. The next in line would be Embedded ads as players can connect with the brands that are being advertised and it has been known to increase CTR for those brand types that have been advertised within the game

Is it enough for the app to be good to get noticed in the app store/ play store?

No it’s not. While the quality of the app plays a very vital role in its success; user reviews, in-game ads in the form of banners and videos, largely has a very huge impact in increasing app visibility and downloads. One example is of the banner ads of “Hay Day” that use to appear while playing “Clash of Clans” and vice versa. I started off playing Hay Day and was then encouraged to download Clash of Clans due to its banner ads while exiting the game.

How would you target your customers – Continent, Region or country? Any other factors to choose your target customers?

I would target my customers based on the product or service that I am offering. Market Segmentation is vital in the field of online marketing.If my product is a game and if the game is in English then I would target areas that speak in that language. I would also take into consideration the game type. If it’s a game suitable for a specific age group then I would also take demographic factors into consideration. If this game is similar to another game, I would also analyse the kind of people who have downloaded that type of game and advertise my product to those people using the game download data.

What are the best ways to get feedback from our player?

The best way to obtain feedback is from reviews in the app store and play store. We can obtain reviews by offering an in-game incentive for leaving a review. Player reviews are extremely important as it would let us know what issues the customer is facing and also help us connect with players on a more personal level.