Day 1: The Core

It always starts from the core. Somewhere between your stomach and your chest.

You start thinking about the old memories, the person you wanted to be with, you had plans with, fights with, but always resolutions in end…. but that person does not exist anymore.

Even if you could fix things, it’s too late, that person has gone, faded away in the sands of time.

I always act oblivious even though I know all that is happening around. I do this so as to not put the other person in a situation where their most evilest actions will get unveiled.

Day 1 is always the hardest. It is the day when you finally decide to let go.

But my observations are always on point, even to the body. Emotion hits the core first. How I wish I had a off switch. But then, I wouldn’t learn from my experiences.


Ashlyns Decision

He knew this day would come. That is why he was so hesitant in the start. His mind always worked on overdrive.

He could see every little possibility before it happened.

The slightest change in the tone of her voice or the way she looked at him, he could always guess what she wanted. That is possibly the reason why she liked him so much.

And when she persisted, he always refused to receprocate her feelings.

She wondered why, she even told him once, that you keep denying me and it’s affecting my self confidence.

His heart melted when she said that and he relented besides his reservations.

They went out and things were great. She was happy and so was he.

He loved taking care of her but he foresaw something.

It was her nature. She easily liked things and just as easily got bored of things.

He on the other hand liked to work on relationships even if the spark wore off.

She was young and when he started noticing the little changes in her behavior, the tone of her voice, the way she suddenly refused to even put her head on his shoulders, he understood she was losing interest.

He could see the future and he asked her straight if she was bored, but she denied it.

She should know that he can’t be lied too. He wanted her to be free even though he liked her and cared for her, the little fragile thing that she was, he wanted her to be free.

She was in Love. She was in Love with her ego. And he knew that there would never be any place for anyone in her heart until she let go of her ego.

And with a heavy heart, he left the country. He let her go. He found out that she did not care, and his doubts as always became a reality.

However he also knew that someday she would understand and grow up to be a strong woman.

Someday she would let her ego go so that she can make place for someone special. At least he hoped.

Best Mutual Funds to Invest in for the Year 2017

Basic investing is something that every person should be aware of. And while I don’t consider myself to be an expert on the matter, I have experienced a good return rate from mutual funds in the past (25,000 Rs profit).

My colleague, Tejasvi Lad, who happens to be a finance student and has worked for Angel Broking in the past was sitting idle yesterday, (she’s working here during her vacation until her college starts for her MBA programme) so I showed her how to create an infographic using Pikochart. This infographic tells us about the Best Mutual Funds to Invest in for the year 2017.

Note: This research has been done by Tejasvi, however, I advise you to do your own research before investing, as you know, market risks and all!

Best Mutual Funds 2017

All of these Mutual Funds can be purchased on a monthly basis (5000 Rs per month) via a SIP (Systematic Investment Plan). Just visit your bank and they will explain how you can go about doing it. It’s not as complex as it sounds.

I hope this helps!


Beyond the Buzz

Beyound the buzz, the noise and distractions, there is a quiet and peaceful place.

Close your eyes and hear the wind whisper, it tells us stories of the earth long forgotten.
Pay attention to the trees when they speak, sharing ancient knowledge that we cannot comprehend.

The birds chirping, their wings fluttering, it can bring joy to our hearts that can’t be explained.

The world does not have to be one of competition. A race to show who is better.

Listen to your bodies and the world around you, they sing of songs that will soothe your heart.

And as I sit here on this wooden bench, letting my fingers type for itself, a mix of tech and nature beyond 

Someday I’ll read these words written in a vault of time. This moment, this hour, this second will never be mine.


Struggle Now or Struggle Later



I’ve been working on creating short videos for St Pauls Publication, and my usual process of coming up with ideas for motivational videos is by scrounging the  internet to the likes of Pinterest, Facebook or Youtube. Today whilst going through feeds, archives, websites and not what, my mind was at a stand still, no burst of inspiration, no brilliant insight, absolutely nothing.

I started browsing YouTube and put in the keywords ‘Motivation‘ in hopes that I could come up with something remotely inspirational for me to work with, and that’s when I came across one particular video where the speaker talks about how you can either struggle now or struggle later and the choice is purely up to you.

I’ll admit that the reason why I am writing this post right now is so that I can come up with a constructive story for my Inspirational video. I’ve started to realize that writing helps me unlock the creative side of me. Every word that I type write now is not planned and it’s just me jotting down my thoughts in real time. I will publish these thoughts for you to read but that’s just to prove a point that creativity can sometimes come from the most simplest of practices.So here is my basic layout of how the story goes, do note that once the video is created I will embed it in this blog post so that you can see how ideas can form words and words can inspire action and action in turn might get things done.

The layout will be simple – A teenager who has a good voice and is passionate about singing goes around the area signing for small events to earn some cash. He charges Rs.100 for every event he takes part in.

The boy has a beautiful voice and in no standard does his performance deserve a petty amount of Rs. 100. When he just finishes a couple of shows, he tries demanding for Rs.1000 for an event but soon realized that no one was willing to pay him that much.

He said to himself, “Why is no one ready to pay me my worth? I use to sing for free and I have sung for over 10 events now and received a wonderful response, surely I deserve more than this ?”

He had almost decided to quit singing but thought about speaking to his father first. His father looks at him intently and says, “Son, you have only two options in life. You can either struggle now or struggle later, the choice is yours. Work hard now, and build a name for yourself so that you can enjoy the benefits of your hard work comfortably or you may relax now and struggle later, when your time has gone and your energy has left you. The choice will always be yours, so make the best of it”

These wise words of the father inspired the son to focus on working hard and building a reputation for himself rather than how much money he should charge. The name of that son is Sonu Nigam, one of India’s leading playback singers and composers who has won more than 25 awards for his work. So struggle now and reap the benefits, your time is precious so make the best of it.

*I completed the Video and as promised, I have embedded it here. Please let me know if you liked it.

(Do note that the story is made up by me except for the part where Sonu Nigam use to charge Rs.100 for his shows and Sonu Nigam’s father informing him that you can either struggle now or struggle later, I just used those two lines to build the story)


How to get a Reliance Jio Sim Card


Reliance Jio is now the new in-thing and everyone wants to get their hands on it. With their unbelievable tariff plans and their ‘Jio Welcome Offer’ which entitles all new and existing customers free voice calls, SMS and data services until 31st December, this is one free ride only a fool would refuse. So follow these simple steps and you will be able to get a jio for yourself too!

Walk to your nearest telecom retailer aka any shop that sells a phone sim-card

Since Monday, Reliance jio sim cards are now available at all stores that sell phone network sim-cards. So you don’t have to go to a dedicated Reliance store, just walk to your nearest phone/netwrok provider store and ask for your sim card.

Carry your Aadhaar Card with You

Your Aadhaar card can be used as your photo Id proof as well as your address proof. So carry your Aadhaar card as well as 2 scanned copies of the document to get your verification done on the spot. If you don’t have an Aadhaar card, then dude you seriously need to make one, but for the time being you can carry alternative documents to show as your address proof and Photo Id proof.

Make sure you have 2 Passport sized Photos

You will need to submit 2 passport sized photographs along with your documents, so make sure you have those handy with you.

Activate your Jio

Reliance will send you the activation steps on your registered email address, so all you have to do is follow those steps. They will also Tele-verify your phone number to complete the entire activation process

One Final step – VoLTE activation

To make voice calls on the Jio network you would have to go through their VoLTE activation process. Just make a call on 1977 and the tele-verification process will be carried out on the same call. Make sure you have the sim purchase bill and other documents ready with you.

And that’s it, you now have your Reliance Jio card ready and activated. You can thank me in the comments section 😀

When Zeus, Athena and Ares Invest in the Stock Market!


A lot of my friends are interested in the stock market but their major huddle is that they don’t know how the stock market works or find it a bit too complicated. I don’t blame them.Most of the online resources available  make use of terms like stocks, bonds, derivatives, mutual funds etc, which can be quite daunting. So I am going to try explaining how to invest in the stock market in the form of this short story.

Once upon a time there were two brothers, George and Bush. Both the brothers had a deep desire for treasure. The brothers worked hard  by selling tea. Since they had a simple lifestyle and a good amount of customers, they noticed that they had started making some cash to spare.

The brothers decided to use this extra cash to buy another gas stove and some more vessels, so that they could make tea faster and serve more customers. Watching the popularity of the two brothers, a few more people decided to open tea stalls as well. And soon in no time there was a line of tea stalls serving tea to customers.

The brothers were not deterred by their new competition, for they were in the tea business for a long time and they were dedicated to serve their customers well.

While all of this conspired on Earth, the Gods had a wager of their own. Each one had their own favorite and started betting on who would be the most prosperous among the tea sellers.

Zeus being the God of Thunder, had chose the Tea stall that had used his symbol, which is  a bird on their banners. Ares on the other hand chose the Tea sellers who were the most rowdiest of the lot. Well he being the God of War and all, that made perfect sense. But Athena, was the wisest of them, for she didn’t choose on the basis of symbols and personal emotions. She had been watching George and Bush for a long time, she knew they were intelligent and were creative too. So she decided to put her bet on the brothers stall.

So these three Gods chose their champions and decided that whichever stall grew in prosperity would give them power while the ones that went in loss would make them weak. It was a risky bet for the Gods but power was what they wanted. Athena being the wisest, had a twinkle in her eye. It was time for a new ruler of Olympus and Zeus had been King for far too long.

On Earth, it so happened that while George and Bush had started getting more competition, customers noticed that, their stall prepared tea quite fast compared to the others because they had more stoves and more experience. Due to this, they started making more profit.

Now the brothers decided to use this extra money to buy some new attractive crystal glasses that would make their customers feel special. Although this did take a toll on their profits, it turned out beneficial for them. More and more people started coming to their shop, and soon they decided to buy a couple of tables and chairs too. The brothers also decided to add new flavors to their tea, which attracted people from far and wide.

People started saying things like the flavors and the crystals had magical properties and cured illnesses. This in turn attracted even more people. The other stalls couldn’t survive against the brothers and they soon had to vacate due to lack of business. As the brothers got prosperous, Athena started becoming more powerful, while Zeus and Ares, soon started losing their power. By the time they realized what they had got themselves into, it was too late. Athena had become so rich with power that she used her strength to overthrow Zeus and Ares and had become the New Ruler of Olympus

Now in this story, the tea stalls represent different companies. George and Bush, had good experience and strong fundamentals, so their value or stock price kept on increasing whereas the other stalls due to lack of experience and bad fundamentals kept on losing out on opportunities, their stock price decreased and eventually they had to shut down.

The Gods are the investors. Zeus invested on the basis of symbols without thinking whereas Ares invested on the basis of his emotions. Athena is like the smart investor who did her research on the brothers, checked their background, checked if they had any bad qualities aka debts, loans, poor product quality etc.

Remember how I said Athena had been watching the brothers since a long time, well thanks to her power and strength she decided to give the humans a gift of her wisdom. She gave an ancient weapon if harnessed well can help any human choose a good company or stock. I am adding the link to this weapon here – Blade of Olympus. Use this Weapon to choose the right company and excel at investing.