Beyond the Buzz

Beyound the buzz, the noise and distractions, there is a quiet and peaceful place.

Close your eyes and hear the wind whisper, it tells us stories of the earth long forgotten.
Pay attention to the trees when they speak, sharing ancient knowledge that we cannot comprehend.

The birds chirping, their wings fluttering, it can bring joy to our hearts that can’t be explained.

The world does not have to be one of competition. A race to show who is better.

Listen to your bodies and the world around you, they sing of songs that will soothe your heart.

And as I sit here on this wooden bench, letting my fingers type for itself, a mix of tech and nature beyond 

Someday I’ll read these words written in a vault of time. This moment, this hour, this second will never be mine.



How important is it to keep your mind active 

We often focus on keeping in shape, exercising, going for jogs, and monitoring the amount of kilometers we have walked and obviously bragging about it on social media, has now become the ‘in‘ thing, but have we ever paid attention on the importance of having an active mind?
After observing a lot of people, I realised something extremely important and ultimately obvious; the more active your mind, the younger and healthier your body remains. 

Have you observed people who are in their 60’s, you’ll often find two types of groups: One group will be slow and generally  cranky or passive and the other group will be active, full of life and curiosity and will many a time leave you wondering how they can posses so much energy in them. 

If you pay close attention to the habits of group 2, you’ll notice that this group will mostly comprise of people who’s jobs or lifestyle demanded them of being more mentally active. You’ll also notice that these are those people who don’t require as much assistance with technology especially figuring out how to use WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media applications.

So the secret of youth is not just exercising the body, but it is also exercising the mind. Fortunately for us, there are certain applications or mind games that you can download and use that can stimulate the mind and help you give it the workout it requires.

One such application I personally use is called ‘Peak‘ which is available on the playstore and it’s absolutely free. It gives you a set of games that you need to play regularly which challenges different mental faculties like memory, language, spatial perception, logical reasoning and so on. It also records your progress and shows you how much you have improved on a regular basis, similar to any physical exercise app that you may (or may not) have used.

So check it out and make it a part of your daily workout, trust me, you have nothing to lose but only to gain.

So do you agree with this observation? Let me know in the comments and if you have used any mind apps, do recommend them as well. 

Is pursuing further studies of any value at all?

Quality Education is important, it is a tool that can change lives, unfortunately not everyone is privileged enough to receive this gift.
Fortunately for me, my parents were able to send me to school and then see me through college as well and so I managed to  graduate with a double major in Psychology and Sociology. And believe me when you study psychology, you tend to see the world in a completely different way!

While I was in college, I always wondered whether if it would be worthwhile studying further, perhaps a post graduate degree of sorts.

A cynic at that time, I thought I had acquired enough knowledge a text book and a few professors could teach me and I didn’t want to endure myself with more text book/classroom trauma. 

I chose to work as opposed to studying and my corporate adventures began, leaving my question unanswered for nearly 4 years. During these 4 years of working at different organisations, occasionally I would hear stories about few friends and classmates who chose to study and were in various institutes  rather than working like me.

A part of me envied them that they could relax and just studying rather than face the pressure of working in the ‘real‘ world. I was convinced that my decision was the right one and pursuing further education would not teach me anything new that I could otherwise not learn from the world wide web.

It so happened that I got the opportunity of working for an educational institute called St Pauls Institute of Communication Education which specialises in Media studies. I was excited with this job offer because now finally I would get the answer to that question that has occasionally surfaced my mind during all those years of corporate slavery.

Is pursuing further education of any real value or is it a waste of money and time

And the answer to that question (to my surprise) is Yes, it does help.

Post graduate courses or not like that of just sitting in a classroom and learning something from a book, it’s much more than that. The institute is a hub of connections and contacts.

Coupled with theory and practical learning, it is also a gateway to build contacts and land internships in the right places at the right time.
Trust me, doing just graduation course and then trying to get into the field of your choice is equivalent to searching for the right kind of fish in the wrong pond! 

This is not the case if you chose to pursue further education from the right institute. So yes, it’s not just about earning a certificate, it is about learning in the right environment, from the right people and getting placed in the right company.

When Lathargy Sets In…

It’s something that we all experience in our lives. We want to achieve something, we get all hyped up and can feel the surge of motivation flowing through our body. Then comes a series of motivational thoughts, research, preparation and so on, and we finally start the process of achieving our goal.

We keep going for a couple of days and then it happens, the lathargy sets in. That toxic feeling of laziness that saps motivation out, then the thoughts start seeping in, those little sneaky bits of excuses to justify our actions, and slowly but surely we give in, we give up, we go back to our old routine!

So How Do We Kill Lathargy?

It’s a simple solution really? Hear your thoughts, the little excuses, and just do what you had originally planned on doing. In simple terms, don’t give a fuck and JUST DO IT! 

No matter what your goal is, the moment you give in the first time, it’s more or less game over. So ignore the negativity and keep going. No matter what excuse your mind comes up with, just keep going and once you’re done with your task, you’ll look back and thank yourself for it. 

The Cancerian


It was just between them now. Thousands of fights between their kind and to what, in the end it had to be between them. The Cancerian  Vs the Geminian. The moon child contemplated his next move, he wondered if there was any opening for him to attack. Damian kept starring at him, his eyes unwavering.

He charged straight toward Damian and swiftly jumped in the air, launching himself 10 feet above the ground, turning his fist into pincers, he dived towards him, like a swimmer about to dive into the sea, the only difference is that it was Damian’s head that he was about to land on. All he could see was the look of shock on his enemies face as his pincers were inches away from its target.

The Cancerian phased right through him, slamming his pincers into the wooden floor, making a hole through the ground and getting stuck in the process. It was an illusion all along. As soon as he realized this, he felt a hard knock on his face that sent him flying across the bridge, landing with a ‘thud’ on the floor. He could feel the warm liquid fill his nose. As his eyes watered, he tried to get on his feet but Damian was quick, with another blow, this time to his chest, the Cancerian was gasping for air.

He tried transforming his body again but he couldn’t, he had lost too much energy.  Damian stood triumphant, watching him, laughing at him.

Is that all you got moon child? Is this the Cancerian everyone kept talking about?


Struggle Now or Struggle Later



I’ve been working on creating short videos for St Pauls Publication, and my usual process of coming up with ideas for motivational videos is by scrounging the  internet to the likes of Pinterest, Facebook or Youtube. Today whilst going through feeds, archives, websites and not what, my mind was at a stand still, no burst of inspiration, no brilliant insight, absolutely nothing.

I started browsing YouTube and put in the keywords ‘Motivation‘ in hopes that I could come up with something remotely inspirational for me to work with, and that’s when I came across one particular video where the speaker talks about how you can either struggle now or struggle later and the choice is purely up to you.

I’ll admit that the reason why I am writing this post right now is so that I can come up with a constructive story for my Inspirational video. I’ve started to realize that writing helps me unlock the creative side of me. Every word that I type write now is not planned and it’s just me jotting down my thoughts in real time. I will publish these thoughts for you to read but that’s just to prove a point that creativity can sometimes come from the most simplest of practices.So here is my basic layout of how the story goes, do note that once the video is created I will embed it in this blog post so that you can see how ideas can form words and words can inspire action and action in turn might get things done.

The layout will be simple – A teenager who has a good voice and is passionate about singing goes around the area signing for small events to earn some cash. He charges Rs.100 for every event he takes part in.

The boy has a beautiful voice and in no standard does his performance deserve a petty amount of Rs. 100. When he just finishes a couple of shows, he tries demanding for Rs.1000 for an event but soon realized that no one was willing to pay him that much.

He said to himself, “Why is no one ready to pay me my worth? I use to sing for free and I have sung for over 10 events now and received a wonderful response, surely I deserve more than this ?”

He had almost decided to quit singing but thought about speaking to his father first. His father looks at him intently and says, “Son, you have only two options in life. You can either struggle now or struggle later, the choice is yours. Work hard now, and build a name for yourself so that you can enjoy the benefits of your hard work comfortably or you may relax now and struggle later, when your time has gone and your energy has left you. The choice will always be yours, so make the best of it”

These wise words of the father inspired the son to focus on working hard and building a reputation for himself rather than how much money he should charge. The name of that son is Sonu Nigam, one of India’s leading playback singers and composers who has won more than 25 awards for his work. So struggle now and reap the benefits, your time is precious so make the best of it.

*I completed the Video and as promised, I have embedded it here. Please let me know if you liked it.

(Do note that the story is made up by me except for the part where Sonu Nigam use to charge Rs.100 for his shows and Sonu Nigam’s father informing him that you can either struggle now or struggle later, I just used those two lines to build the story)